Clutter-Free University - 4-Week Classes

At Clutter-Free University, we want you to gain the skills that will help you get organized... Forever!

Every class includes the following:

- a lively class discussion
- customized daily homework assignments with feedback
- membership in a private, class-members-only Facebook group
- personal counseling about your organizing problem
- the ability to call Marsha Sims when you get stuck... and she will help you get un-stuck
- special "alumni pricing" on future classes

Look at the list of classes below, and click on the link to get more information.


Tuesdays - 1:30 - 2:45pm ET / Saturdays - 10 - 11:15am ET

Organizing 101 - January / July 
Organizing 911 - February / August
Clutter-Free Forever - March / September
Clutter-Clearing Class - April / October
Organizing Your Day - May / November
Power Over Paper - June / December

[ ]    Organizing 101 -  Is disorganization holding you back?

Is Organization a problem in your life? Are piles of clutter, and stacks of paper building up all around you? Are you finally ready to begin tackling your organizing challenges?

Organizing 101 is a four-week live, interactive online class designed to teach you why disorganization has become a problem for you, and how to permanently solve all of your organization problems!

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Price:  $195. paid in full or $39.00 to hold your seat, plus $39.00 per week ($195.)

[ ]    Organizing 911 - Is disorganization immobalizing you?  

Are you a hoarder?  Chronically Disorganized?  Or a very severe messie? Are you hoping to escape the pain, and suffering of your condition, but just can't figure out how? Then Organizing 911 is for you!

Organizing 911 is a four-week live, innovative and interactive approach to helping the severely disorganized. This program is designed to help you reclaim your life and finally defeat disorganization  permanently! 

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Price:  $195. paid in full or $39.00 to hold your seat, plus $39.00 per week ($195.)


[ ]    Clutter-Free Forever Class

Includes the BEST information from Organizing 101, Organizing 911, Power Over Paper, AND Time Management!

Get organized with guidance... the way you've always wanted!

Regain control of your time and conquer clutter by getting organized!  This all-in-one class combines organizing, time management, and paper management skills to offer you the best techniques, tools and tips for taking control of your life.

In this class you will learn how to clear the clutter in easy steps, how to organize your files, and stop being a slave to sticky notes.  Think what a relief it wil be to walk into an organized space every day - instead of the messy piles and stacks that greet you now!

Price:  $195. paid in full or $39.00 to hold your seat, plus $39.00 per week ($195.)


[ ] Clutter-Clearing Class - April / October

Create the organized home and office you have always wanted. Use techniques that are proven to work. Control, contain, and conquer the clutter in your world. 

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[ ]    Organizing Your Day

Nothing  beats the satisfaction of coming to the end of the day and feeling it was a successful one.  Well-managed time makes that possible.  It reduces stress, helps you accomplish more in less time, and most importantly, gives you greater freedom to enjoy doing what you love.

This class teaches you how to make it all happen.

Price:  $195. paid in full or $39.00 to hold your seat, plus $39.00 per week ($195.)


[ ]    Power Over Paper - Are your paper piles holding you back?

Are you drowning in paper?   Can you find your important documents?  Do you wish your papers were organized?

Power Over Paper is a live, interactive online workshop designed to help you permanently end your paper nightmare.  This four week course will give you all of the tools necessary to eliminate your paper challenges.

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