F.A.S.T. Filing System

Just imagine... in 12 weeks you can be fully competent in managing any paper issue you are faced with.

The goal of the F.A.S.T. Filing System is to help you get all of your papers filed and in order once and for all.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?
  • Do you have paper piles or paper messes?
  • Have you ever had a problem finding important legal or financial papers? 
  • Do you have to do your own filing?

Here is a quick solution to sorting your papers.
  • Uncomplicated & Fast!!!   You need something that is not complicated; something that works fast.  
Filing F.A.S.T.

The FAST Filing System is a fast paper sorting system, along with a comprehensive paper filing system that you can learn easily.


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Logical and intuitive

The Introduction to the FAST Filing System is divided into four main areas
  • FILE
  • ACT
  • TOSS
In each stage you will learn, progressively how to handle all of your papers, from the note that you scribbled at the networking event, to the post-it's on your computer, to the incoming mail.  And all papers in between.

Jacqueline had lots of papers, but they weren't all from her.   She had three small children who seemed to draw all day long and bring papers home.  She didn't want to throw away her precious one's artwork, but she was running out of room to keep them all!  What should she do?  Where should all of these papers go!

Paper problems can disrupt your life

Suppose you need to find passport social security number, etc and can't find it... 
Your child applies for college - needs diplomas, transcripts and you don't know where they are... 
Your roof needs repairing - you need to find insurance documents, but you can't find them...
You need financial documents, stocks, or money, and you can't find it...
Every time Janet's husband asked for a document, she felt the old familiar unworthiness and fear bubble up in her stomach.  She had no idea where it was, and she would get that panicky feeling again because she knew she's never be able do do it.  Things she needed to do by a certain date never get done on time, past due notices were common, mail was spread out everywhere in her house, and she was miserable.  "I can't take it anymore," she screamed!
You and I were told when things got paperless it would make life easier. That just wasn't true!!  Now things just seem worse than ever!  Much worse!

There is only one solution to these problems:

You need to know how to sort and handle your papers yourself.
You need to know what to do with every paper when in it comes in the door,
You need to be able to keep everything in the right place, with a system you enjoy working with
And that's exactly what the F.A.S.T. Filing System Class will do for you!


You will learn where to find every paper that you need
  • You'll do it fast
  • Nothing will be lost
  • It won't take a lot of organizing
  • It will be totally efficient because it's just sorting
  • You will find it easy to understand
  • You will find it easy to remember
  • Never again will a paper come into your world that doesn't have a home
  • How to use the acronym F.A.S.T. to quickly get papers out the way. 

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Complete System

Of course there is more to a complete paper management system than sorting your papers... there is:
  • Gathering
  • Sorting
  • Handling Action Papers
  • Filing in a "find-able" (easily retrievable) format
In the FAST Filing System Course you will learn a (virtually) effortless system of paper organization; a system for being able to find any paper you are looking for whenever you need without stress, a system for handling all of your bills, and all of your receipts.  And best of all, it's very attractive!    (Some people won't file if their file drawer is ugly.)

We start with gathering your papers into one area, if possible.  If it's not possible we discuss alternate strategies for you in the gathering phase.

Next we sort.  But we don't just talk about sorting your papers, we go deep into the sorting process.  By class #3, all of your papers should be sorted the FAST way.

Clutter is postponed decisions.  The lack of decision-making may be the key reason why your action papers remain undone.  Of course the other reason is that you can't find them when you need to work on them.  The Action Paper phase solves both of those problems.

Filing is a breeze when you know exactly where every paper belongs, and you have a master list to help you find every paper the second you need it.

And there's more...

We go into detail about:
  • Handling your financial files
  • Handling papers that belong to others
  • Questions & Answers
And we discuss:
  • What's holding you back
  • Handling your procrastination
  • Time management 
Here is what a few students who have previously taken this class have said:

I never knew what to do with my papers so I'd bring my papers in here in and put them in a pile.  Now that doesn't happen anymore!  Karyn T., Boise MD

My biggest problem was the sheer volume of never-ending paperwork!  Thank you for making it all make sense.  Rhonda L., Pittsburgh, PA

Now (thankfully), my papers are all in the same place. This is heaven! Joyce D., Tampa, FL

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Course Includes!

The FAST Filing System Full Course Includes:
  1. 150 files created by the end of the 12 weeks
  2. 130 color-coded reference files; 40 action files; 20 action items completed
  3. 12 live classes over the next 12 weeks
  4. Over 12 hours of direct organizing instruction taught personally by Marsha Sims
  5. Six powerful action meetings to help you stay on track after each step
  6. Personal assistance in helping you setting up your own custom filing system
  7. Live question-and-answer sessions after each class
  8. Meaningful assignments that help you develop your skills at filing
  9. Personal Buddy - all class members will be assigned to a buddy—to work alongside you as you work through your challenges with your papers
  10. Over 30 pages of class materials
  11. Small Classes* Individualized Attention
  12. All the information you need to get your files organized
  13. Instructor with over 23 years of experience
  14. Private class forum where you can go to interact with other classmates, including sharing pictures
  15. Personal access to Marsha privately for questions during the 12 class weeks
  16. Challenging weekly filing assignments to complete… to get to your goal
  17. Learn home and office filing system solutions
  18. Marsha’s bill-paying system included
  19. Full, 24/7 access to all recordings of all classes… forever

Not one... not two... but three Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1: a Customizable Master List Frame to coordinate with your new filing system, letting you know where every paper in your system is.

Bonus #2: A complete filing supply list.  Nothing is more frustrating than starting to file without all of your supplies and equipment.

Bonus #3: A specially designed Master List Tab so you will always be able to find your master list in your filing system

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