Get Organized for Only $27.50 per month!

The Sort-It-Out Solution... or S.O.S. (Help!) for short


The need to get organized is now more urgent than ever! And that's why professional organizer Marsha Sims listened carefully and came up with a solution. She created a way for everybody to access her high level training in a timely manner, and finally defeat the clutter. 

With Marsha’s program, you will no longer have to hide your little messy secret.  And now, you will be able to do all of the above for a limited time... for an absolute steal of a price… only $27.50 per month!

Introducing the Sort-It-Out Solution Subscription Program - or S.O.S. (Help!) for short.

The SOS subscription program is a 12-month course that will synthesize three of Marsha's top classes into a Masters level organizing curriculum. 

You will learn:
  • The best way to eliminate the clutter in your world
  • How eliminate your paper piles
  • Where everything should go


Time. Don't worry, even if you are busy! You can listen to the program at any time, and you have an entire month to work with the material!

The complete program includes:

Part I

  • The best way to control , contain and conquer the clutter in your world
  • How to create the organized home and office you have always wanted
  • How to make the changes required to eliminate clutter
  • The way to create a happier workplace and home for yourself and those around you
  • Great clutter clearing techniques proven to work

Part II

  • Learn to avoid frustration and feel energized when working on eliminating your paper piles
  • What to keep and what to throw away

  • How to find it once you've filed it

  • Three techniques for getting started in a way that empowers you

  • Effortless strategies that make papers practically file themselves

  • Where each paper should go

  • and of course... what to do with every piece of paper!

Part III

  • "Where does everything go?" Learn how to always know the answer

  • Get up the courage to open the boxes... every day...until they are all empty

  • "How long will it take?" A quick way to know what's in store

  • Easy ways to get over your own resistance to starting

  • Little tricks to keep you going even when you want to stop

  • Learn to free yourself from the fear of what's in the boxes

There you have it, your one year curriculum. In one year you will simply have the best arsenal for defeating chaos and disorganization in your life. You will become a completely different person and everyone will notice.

How the course works:

Every month you will receive a pre-recorded class and a special report/handout with exercises for you to complete in your home, office or problem area. 

You will go through the class and follow along with your handout. When you complete the exercises, and you have 30 days between classes to do so, at the end of a year you will be masterful at being organized, and maintaining it. Your environment will be a bastion of clutter-free organizing. Your friends and loved ones will be astonished.......They may not recognize you... new confidence can do that! 

This program is powerful because it gives you the time to master one class at a time without having to feel rushed, so if you know you are always busy this is perfect for you. You can simply practice anytime during the thirty day cycle and be ready to move on to the next skill when the new module comes the following month. 

There will be no surprises. This program is for those who may not have a lot of money right now, but are serious about ending their messiness. If that is you, pay very close attention because a deal like this does not last forever. 

Click here now to sign up for the special introductory price of $27.50 per month for 12 months. 

This program is designed for people like you who are really struggling.....So if you know that you need help ASAP, do not hesitate. Otherwise you may miss out on probably the only time an offer like this will surface. 

Let's review what you will get: 

A one-year, comprehensive course in "Getting Organized and Clutter Free". 

  • 12 class recordings 
  • 12 Handouts. 
  • One each per month for the next year. 

Here is what people are saying about Marsha's classes:

Dear Marsha,

Thank you for this amazing class! I have been trying to get organized for YEARS. I have made more progress in the last 10 days with your program than I have in the last 7 years of struggling by myself.

In your program I learned it IS SUCH a MIND thing instead of a STUFF thing. I wanted to know HOW to make the decision for myself about WHAT I should throw away. Your class is teaching me that. 

THANK YOU for showing / telling me how to do it. You are right. It is like working a muscle and making it stronger... I need more exercise.



Dear Marsha,

I love your program! My favorite was the flat surfaces/dividing into quarters approach. I find I am sizing up all of

my messes from this perspective and gaining control over them feels possible for the first time in forever :-). 

My husband even noted after dinner tonight how nice that area is staying and told the kids that we all have to do our part to keep it that way! 





The first module of the program was really, really helpful for me!

I can't wait to get back to work on my house, and can't wait to help you help others someday


Thank you yet again!

Your loyal Marshan,

Renee: )


It was so great to have all the papers organized instead of piled up on the floor in the corner. I would never have been able to show my friend the papers we needed if your program had not taught me how to organize them. Thank you again. 




This morning my family went to a charity event. When we arrived home and walked into the house I looked around and said, "WOW! It looks much like a real, normal house where real, normal people live!" No dirty dishes, no stuff on the floors of the main living areas, beds made. AMAZING! I no longer feel that it is hopeless. 




I have been wanting to tell you that I have really appreciated your method of sorting papers. That is my biggest struggle.  As you suggested, I separated everything into the various categories.  The fact that you had me separate the financial papers to file from everything was the best idea ever.   I was more organized at tax time and while trying to get my home loan modified.      I also have the vertical files that work great when I use them!   I love having the current to do items in a handy place.  You system has worked better for me than pretty much anything I have tried.   D.F.

Click here to sign up now for (only) $27.50 Per Month:

P.S. What is great about Marsha’s classes is that they really work… for two major reasons:

1. Marsha truly cares about each and every person she works with. Every time a student is empowered and transformed to take control of their environment and not be a victim of it Marsha genuinely feels more fulfilled.

2. She gets it. Marsha knows exactly what it feels like to be "embarrassing to your friends and family," and yet she never judges you, she simply throws you a life raft and expertly instructs you on how to stop yourself from drowning in your own mess. 

I hope you will join Marsha’s easy and affordable program!