--Clean Off Your Desk

Clean Off Your Desk With  M.A.R.S.H.A.   S.I.M.S.

M - Mark your calendar for a time to finally clean off your desk. Be realistic about how long it will take.

A - Always have supplies on hand before you begin.

R - Re-arrange equipment, supplies and files in your work space according to their frequency of use.

S - Stack all loose papers in one neat pile to create the illusion of order.

H - Have a designated "in-box" in a convenient location. Encourage others to use it.

A - Allow time in your daily planner for meeting preparation and travel time between appointments.


S - Sort all papers and folders into "to-do" "to read" "to file" "to sort"

I - Identify the supplies you use most often; keep close by only what you use regularly.

- Make time to clean off your desk daily.

- Set up a simple desktop area for mail to be sorted each day.