Clutter-Free University

Clutter-Free University was founded in 2010, as a way to help people help themselves.  

Marsha Sims' philosophy has always been, "we are successful when our clients don't need us anymore."  Carrying that philosophy forward, teaching people how to become independent and get organized for themselves was the logical next step.

Through Clutter-Free University, hundreds of students are taught the basic principles of organizing, how to get started on their own individual organizing challenges, what caused the problem of disorganization in the first place and ways to ensure that it doesn't return.  You will also learn specific tips and techniques to get organized and stay organized... forever.

SOS Program - Stay focused. Get organized. Relax.

The SOS Program is a one-year, all-inclusive course in "Getting Organized and Clutter-Free."

The complete program  includes 12 class modules delivered once per month, at an exceptional value.

All classes give you the support you crave and the information you need to get fully organized in one year.  Classes are convenient - you can take them on your own schedule.  Only $27 per month... with no strings attached.

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CFU Classes - Learn on your own terms.

Classes range from Organizing 101 and Organizing 911 (When it's really severe), to Power Over Paper, to Time Management For Everyday People, to Clutter-Free-Forever (a little bit of everything).  At Clutter-Free University you can specialize in what you want to learn, or you can learn it all... from how to clean up your own house... to organizing for someone else and getting paid for it.

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CFO Certification - Client-Focused Professional Organizer Training

The Client-Focused (CFO) Program is designed to teachyou all of the skills necessary to start a successful organizing practice.  In this program you will learn effective strategies for dealing with clients, practical organizing methods, and a structured marketing program that takes you from concept to turn-key business.

When you complete the program, you are ready to begin your organizing career!

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From free online classes, to paid four week classes, to an intensive 12-week certification course, Clutter-Free University will help you help yourself.  Welcome to the world of organizing!

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