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Thinking about signing up for the Premium Level Client
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Class days and times:

Every Wednesday from 11am until 1pm* ET 

Every Wednesday from 1:30 until 3:30 pm* ET  

* All classes are hoarder-friendly!  Don't worry!  It's not about how much you have right now; it's about your determination to succeed!!!

Auto-Pay by the month*
  • Then send an email to and let me know which class you'd like to be in. (Times listed above)

* You are not locked in.  You can stop any time you want.

All classes are held on the computer and on the telephone.  It's easy!
You'll just click the link that comes to you every week and Voila! You are in the class
You just dial the number, and you can hear all of us in the group!

Are you ready for the journey of your life?

Are you ready to face your disorganization square on... and win?

To sign up for the Premium Level Client Program you only need to do two things:
  1. Submit your payment
  2. Get started

How long does the program last?

You can stay as long as you need the service.  When your house is cleaned up, if you wish, you can stop.
When you get ready to come back, you will be placed in the next open group.

If there are no open groups, you will be placed back on a waiting list until space is available.

    and let me know which class you'd like to be in. (Times listed above)

Classes are especially suited for Hoarders!

Hoarders have special needs, and nobody understands that better than Marsha Sims!

With over 24 years of experience, Marsha has proven that ANYBODY can change their debilitating habits and get organized.  It takes the right amount of patience and understanding, mixed with the right amount of encouragement, support, and direction.

If you've tried and failed to get organized, or you have a lot more than a "normal" amount of clutter, you should give our Hoarder's programs a try!

Contact Marsha if you'd like more information!  305-467-8564