Premium Level Client Program

Is the Premium Level Client Program right for you?
  • You are a stay-at-home mom frustrated with the disorganization and mess.  No one prepared you for the demands of taking care of little ones, and you want to do a better job of taking care of your home.  You don't want your husband to be disappointed, and you don't want your children to grow up in a disorganized mess. 
  • You are a working parent and it seems you spend all of your time driving small people around and helping with homework.  You'd like to have some time for yourself.  And you'd like to have a well-run, presentable home.  
  • You are a business owner and you understand the value of managing your time, and knowing where things are.  When you can't find a file it can cost you in embarrassment, and real money.  You need to be organized so your business will run more smoothly.
  • You are downsizing. After many years living in a sizable home, you are moving into a condominium and you'll have about half as much space as you have right now.  What will you do with all of your treasures gained over a life well lived?
  • You are a hoarder.  You are drowning in stuff, and you don't want to live like this anymore.  At this point you believe you are beyond help, and you don't believe life without clutter is possible for you.  You'll try again only because you know the pain this is causing your family.
  • You are just ready to get organized.  You are tired of the clutter and the disorganization.  You are tired of losing things.  You are tired of having to clean up before you can let someone in.  You are tired of procrastinating. You are tired of wondering when you are finally going to get organized.
If this is you, then the Premium Level Client Program can help!

What makes the Premium Level Client Program different?
The Premium Level Client Program is the ONLY organizing program... anywhere...  that is GUARANTEED to help you!  
You attend class, and Marsha Sims works alongside of you and your classmates, and your organizing gets done DURING class.

You will make progress during every single class meeting!
(All before and after pictures were done during a Premium Level Client class session!)   

Bedroom Before
                                                                                Bedroom After

"I am always amazed at how much everyone accomplishes during the class.  
You will be so happy with what you will accomplish with Marsha's expert help, 
a supportive group to encourage you and cheer you on, and 
your goal - the reason you want to get organized in the first place!."  Mary

How does the Premium Level Client Program work?
  1. You select a project that you want to work on during class, and send a picture of it to Marsha before class.
  2. Marsha comes virtually into your home, through the magic of your computer, to work alongside of you!  (It's as if she's really there!)
  3. During class, Marsha helps you get started and suggests what you should do. You go and do it (right now) while she gets the next person started
  4. After about 10 - 20 minutes you send a second picture and come back to the telephone for more support; and we continue
  5. At the end of the session... Voila! ... you will be amazed at what you have accomplished!
  6. You send Marsha your final picture and we all cheer for you!
The Premium Level Client Program is done in a small group setting via webinar. 
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                      Here's what participants are saying:

                      • "I've never accomplished so much on my own before!"   Diane
                      • "It's amazing what we accomplish in every class!"  Debbie
                      • "I feel like I'm not the only one with this problem."  Bruce
                      • "I love the support of the group"  C.J.

                      "The Premium Level Client Program is like hiring a professional organizer who is focused on you at a fraction of the cost. You get real-time advice and encouragement from others struggling with the same problem. The progress is amazing and the weekly homework assignments help to continue the momentum throughout the week. If you're ready to really make lasting changes and keep moving forward in your organizing this is the right class for you."   

                      Where did all of the stuff go?

                      In the Premium Level Client Program, Marsha helps you figure out where things belong, and you put them there right now.
                      You will learn that clutter really is postponed decisions, and you will learn how to make the decisions that will empower you and your home / office.
                      By the time class is over, your room is clean!  The transformation is amazing!  And you will be SO PROUD of yourself!

                      Is it easy to do?

                      • YES!  It's totally easy!
                      • You don't need to know anything about technology to be successful in this program.

                             Bedroom counter before                                                        Bedroom counter after                              

                      The Premium Level Client Program is done in a small group setting via webinar. (Click here to sign up now).


                      Bedroom floor Before                                                              Bedroom floor After

                      Jane, a 37 year old accountant in Cambridge, MA with curly hair and a big smile was excited when she was accepted into the Premium Level Client Program!  A self-admitted "clutter-holic," Jane said, "I'm just messy.  When I walk into my apartment there's "stuff" everywhere I look!  Clothes on the floor, glasses out of place, papers everywhere.  I'm ready to live in a clean, uncluttered apartment."  After class today Jane said, "I have 21" of space in my closet!  Yippee!!!"

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                       Living Room Before                                                  Living Room After                          

                      Yes! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
                      • if you are truly serious about getting control of your clutter,
                      • if your clutter or disorganization is keeping you from the quality of life that you deserve
                      • This program WILL work for you!!!
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                      "Albertha, a 60 year old account manager in Lakeland, Fl, with brown hair and an engaging smile said, "I've been struggling with clutter since my children were born - and they're all grown and gone now!  I've hired people to help, but this is the first time I am really getting it done.  Every time I walk into the kitchen I am happy to see my clean surfaces, and my heart smiles. This is the only thing that's ever worked!  Thank you!" 


                       Bathroom before class                                     Bathroom after class

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                      Before Picture                                        After Picture

                      Your work is completed during Class!

                      "The best things about this program for me are: 
                      1) I don't feel alone.  I'm learning that others have the same struggles that I have, and 
                      2) I'm learning so much from listening to the other people, and watching how much they are able to accomplish!  I'm convinced this can really work for me!"   

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