More Info on the Organizing Mastery Program

Thank you so much for filling out the questionnaire and taking the first step in moving forward with finally getting your organizing done.  

I will take a look at the answers you gave in the questionnaire and then get back to you right away to let you know if I think I can help you with your organizing. Sometimes I’ll need a little more information.

If you’re ready to have a conversation, we’ll set up a session to talk for about 45-60 minutes to better understand your current situation, goals, and challenges with your organizing..

We’ll discuss your current situation, the areas where you need the most support and help you determine which areas would be the most appropriate for you to work on first. We’ll also talk about where you’re experiencing resistance and/or avoidance in your organizing activities.

If we mutually agree to move forward, I’ll send you your first assignment and we’ll set you up in the class that best fits your schedule within one week to one month. I ask for the first payment before we get started.

What We’ll Work On

In working with me you’ll accomplish all or some of the following:

• Clear surfaces.  Organizing is about surfaces.  When your surfaces are clear, your home is neat, and looks organized.

• Know where everything goes.  You will learn how to create a home for everything that you want and need.  No more will you have to wonder "where did I put it?"

• Know what to keep and what to throw away.  You will truly understand how to use the phrase, "clutter is simply postponed decisions."

• You'll understand how to "divide and conquer" the mess in every area of your home or office.

• You’ll come away from each class with a proven system, and the know-how to keep yourself motivated even when you are not in class.

• You’ll get unstuck and into action.

Working with me includes studying online materials, small supportive classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, doing exercises, and feedback on what do do with something, strategies and action plans. When one area is complete, we move on to the next one. One thing is for sure: You will be fully engaged the whole time we work together.

Some recent client results

Example: I recently worked with a client to get ready for an emergency mother-in-law visit. This entailed quick clutter-control strategies, lightening-fast clearing techniques, strategic planning, decisions & focus, prioritizing tasks, and lots of extra calls for help!  We pulled it off with the help of a temporary storage unit and a few reminiscent laughs.

Example: I am working with a training consultant who's live-in boyfriend doesn't mind the clutter, and actually makes it worse.  We work weekly on moving his things and side-stepping his complaints about her letting things go.  She's learning that "organizing is not about stuff; it's about people."

Example: I am working with a sales trainer whose biggest problem is keeping track of her time and her files.We set up a filing system with her, and action files so she can stay on top of everything.  In addition, we organized her sales material and brochures so they are at ready access.  She is now proud to walk into her home office.

Example: I worked with an executive and entrepreneurial coach who had no organizing plan.  A very busy professional, she used that as an excuse to neglect her day-to-day organizing.  She thought her problem was lack of time.  We discovered that her problem was a lack of focus and a lack of desire to do the organizing.  We created a fool-proof strategy for her to do her daily maintenance and a strategy for hiring a weekly housekeeper to keep up with the bigger cleaning tasks.

Example: I am working with a psychologist to move all of the clutter, paper, clothes and "stuff" out of her way so that she can concentrate to write.  She's always wanted to write the next great novel, and now she feels she has a chance.  When everything was too cluttered she said, "All this "stuff" is keeping me from writing."  With everything off of the surfaces, she now has clear spaces & clear thoughts.   Today, she knows how to make a better choice.

My Marketing Program Class Fees

The program is currently priced at $259 per month with four two-hour sessions (classes) per month.  The minimum commitment to working together is 3 months — 12 sessions.  I don’t work by contract. If you are happy working with me, we’ll continue working. If it’s not working for you, we’ll end our coaching relationship.

Most sessions (classes) are about two hours long. Included in these sessions is feedback by email between sessions, extra coaching calls as needed, ability to visit additional classes during the week.  I am fully available to you be telephone as long as you are in the class.

Clients usually work with me for 6 to 12 months, depending on your needs, the current situation of your business, and how much you want to accomplish.

What You Can Expect

With most students, we help them get unstuck pretty quickly and into action. We get them happily engaging in organizing areas that they previously avoided or hated doing. They start having fun with it and getting results.

Depending on where you are in your organizing, your past experience, and track record, we can customize your organizing priorities and tasks to meet your needs. We will work on the areas where you need to work most and skip areas if you already have that area of your home (or office) organized. 

I will tell you what to do, and then encourage you to do it (homework) between each session, so be prepared to work and to take action. This is not a passive program where we magically transform you into an  Organizing Master overnight. However, we will produce some amazing results working together.

Over time, you will develop solid skills, organizing techniques, and results. 

If you don’t think you are up to this level of participation, please let me know right away and we won’t set up a time to meet.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Have a nice afternoon,

Marsha Sims
Sort-It-Out, Inc.