There are only TWO things you can do with a piece of paper...
Do you know what they are?
(answers below)
... just like magic!

Does the thought of organizing your papers make you feel overwhelmed?  Frustrated?  Defeated before you even begin?

Join my brand-new, early morning online, interactive "Paper-be-Gone!" classes... and learn how to make all of the paper... be gone! (or at least filed away properly)

  • What to keep and what to throw away
  • How to find it once you've filed it
  • Three techniques for getting started in a way that empowers you
  • Effortless strategies that make papers practically file themselves
  • Where each paper should go
  • and of course... what to do with every piece of paper!
Bonus - Learn to avoid frustration and feel energized when working on eliminating your paper piles

Join the "Paper-be-Gone" class... and learn how to create the world's easiest filing system

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NEW - Class on Tuesday mornings - 10 - 11:15am ET

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You will be guided and encouraged every step of the way!

You will get:
  • Four live classes - taught in person by Marsha Sims
  • Daily accountability 
  • Full access to Marsha during the course month
  • Membership in a private group to help you stay motivated
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You'll be glad you did!

The only things you can do with papers that you intend to keep are:
  • File away for future reference, or
  • Act on them (call, respond, write, etc.)