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How Organized Are You?

1)  I want to get organized, but everything is such a mess I don’t know where to start!
2)  My storage problems would be solved if I had more space.
3)  It’s hard for me to decide what to throw away
4)  I have things on my desk that I do not use.
5)  I often misplace door keys, glasses, etc.

1)  There are papers on my desk that I haven’t looked through for over a week.
2)  It can sometimes take me more than 10 minutes to find a letter or bill or report from my files (or piles of paper on my desk.)
3)  I am flooded with junk mail and magazines I don’t read
4)  My “things to file” pile is over 6” high.
5)  I’m afraid to file papers because I might not be able to find them when I need them.

1)  I have forgotten at least one appointment, anniversary, or specific date in the last months.
2)  I allow myself to procrastinate until the work or assignment becomes a panic situation.
3)  I have no idea what I want to accomplish tomorrow (next week, next month)
4)  I have trouble remembering to keep projects with me that I can work on during spare moments
5)  Sometimes I have difficulty motivating myself to do what I need to do



Disorganization resulting from today's hectic lifestyle is the subject of a revolutionary new study being undertaken by Marsha Sims, of Sort-It-Out, Inc., Ms. Sims is conducting a broad based, non-scientific survey to learn about the habits and attitudes of individuals regarding disorganization.

The data will be used to provide valuable information to those of us who suffer the often disastrous effects of disorganization both in our personal lives and in the workplace, to the psychological community and educators who serve children and adults with special needs, specifically ADD and ADHD, to medical personnel who serve those with brain injury and spatial dysfunction, and to industry, where hours lost looking for things can be costly.

Disorganization hurts not only the disorganized person, but the people who care about, and/or work with this person. Over six billion dollars is lost annually as a result of people looking for things." Disorganization causes serious psychological, physical, and social/emotional pain. Lives are destroyed, and health is affected.

To receive a free copy of the survey by mail, or a free newsletter of organizing tips, send an email to:  marshasims@sortitout.net

For further information:
Marsha Sims at Sort-It-Out, Inc.  305-628-0075
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