Answer Key

1-3 Yes's:
Congratulations! Your life seems to be in order, and everything is running smoothly, for the most part. You know where just about everything is, you are usually on time, and your paperwork is neatly filed away. Keep up the good work ... and take the time to help out a not-so-organized friend!

4-6 Yes's:
There are a few troublesome areas that you may want to correct, but for the most part you feel in control of your environment, your paperwork and finances, and your time. You are welcomed to call for a free telephone consultation, but feel assured; you are on the right track!

7-9 Yes's:
I know, it’s very frustrating to keep losing things, and not have what you need when you need it. You have lots of good organizing ideas put into practice, but they don’t seem to flow together to create a workable system. Your situation is not hopeless.

10 or more Yes's:
Chaos has become the order of the day, and you may have stopped trying. The desk, room, closet, garage or filing system is not functional, and needs to be cleared out and started over with a plan to keep it from getting like this again. Missed appointments, lost payments, and dysfunction are apparent in at least one area of your life. It’s not hopeless, but it won’t go away, and it can’t change until you change it. You should call today, I am sure we can help you!