Organizing Your Day

Take charge of your time...
  • Nothing  beats the satisfaction of coming to the end of the day and feeling that it was a successful one.
  • Well-managed time makes that possible.  It reduces stress, helps you accomplish more in less time and most importantly, gives you greater freedom to enjoy doing what you love. 
  • Access a variety of easy-to-implement, effective ideas for both home and work.
Whether you are a fun, creative free-wheeler, or an organized perfectionist, there are solutions that will work for you.

Join our Organizing Your Day Class
Tuesdays -  May 7, 14, 21, & 28, 2013            Time: 10:00 - 11:15 am or 1:30- 2:45 pm (Eastern Time)
Saturdays -  May 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2013           Time: 12:00 -1:15 pm Saturdays (Eastern Time)            NEW!!!

This class will teach you:
  • How to assess how you're spending your time and where you can make the most impact in saving time
  • To set realistic goals and free yourself from bad habits that lead to time stress ... including procrastination
  • How to master time-savers that will help you free up at least 20 percent more time in your day for you
  • How to focus your time on your priorities
  • When multi-tasking is helpful and when it is harmful
  • Secrets to overcoming procrastination
  • Tips for managing distractions, interruptions, and time wasters
  • How to organize your space to maximize efficiency

You will receive:  
  • Handouts, homework, and help all along the way.  
  • Personalized help and the opportunity to work on your own organizing projects with guidance and expert help from Marsha Sims and other class members.
  • A handout packet before each class that will include organizing how-to's for the rooms or areas listed above, along with your organizing assignment(s) for the week.
  • LIVE CLASSES – Four weekly online classes taught in person by Marsha Sims
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Accomplish your organizing goals via gentle reminders and daily contact with Marsha
  • CONNECTIVITY – Full telephone and email access to Marsha during your class month
  • MEMBERSHIP  Immediate membership in a private Facebook group… for your class only. Here, we feature helpful videos
  •  CONTINUATION  Your class doesn't have to end. You will be eligible for special rates on future classes
Don't get left behind! This is the class you don't want to miss!

Others say:
"Marsha's class was great!  I not only learned  how to eliminate time-wasters that dragged me down ... but I also learned valuable  time-savers that put me in control of my day!"

"I learned so much in Marsha's class, I feel I can now go back and do things the right way!  Not only was she helpful and informative, but she presented the information in a way that was very easy to understand.  We had fun and learned a lot.  I wish I had taken this course years ago! Marsha is a wonderful instructor because she truly cares about the topic and she cares about the students."  Laura Samuel

"Great class!" Marty B

  • 1 payment of $195.  or  5 payments of $39.95

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