Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Shhh!  Don't tell anyone!


I have an idea for you.


If you want to SAVE the money that you would normally spend on having to hire a professional organizer... by learning to get organized yourself... or if you want to make money by helping others get organized... listen carefully.  (& Don't tell anyone!)


You no longer have to feel bad about your lack of organization... or your lack of extra money.  Besides, the best way to learn how to do anything is to teach others how to do it.


"Caroline sat at home feeling badly about herself.  Piles of clothing were piled up on the bed, piles of papers piled up on the desk, some even spilling out onto the floor in little chimneys, and a garage that was full of everything from old papers from bygone days to the mattress than needed to be donated.  But she sat, and felt bad.  Ever since she was downsized at work, reduced to a part-time employee, Caroline was not able to hire someone to help her get organized.  But... what to do?  Where to begin?  And, what will make things stay organized if I can't organize them in the first place?"


In our present economy, Caroline's dilemma is not rare.  She wants to get organized; needs organizing help, but does not have the money to hire help.  What should she do?


Eurika!  Caroline can "hire" herself!  What a unique solution!


The solution is to get certified, and learn how to do organizing for yourself.  Then you will be in control of the situation.  You will not only know how to organize everything, you will be able to make money by helping others to be come organized.


Finally, here is the opportunity to maximize yourself.  To do one thing that solves two problems.  Learn how to get organized AND make money from your new skill!  And, the work is lots of fun!  People appreciate it, and appreciate you for making massive improvements in their lives.  And you know the pay is excellent... especially if you have ever tried to pay someone to help you get organized!


You probably know that Marsha Sims has a Professional Organizing Certification program.  What you may not know is that she has streamlined it, and is rolling it back out as the "New & Improved CFO Certification Program!"  Marsha Says, "I've gotten lots of feedback, and I've listened!"


What's new?


  • More, More, More information about how to do the actual organizing, and how to work better with clients.
  • More information about client "states" and the messy mindset (or client personality)
  • More hands-on organizing practice
  • A unique "buddy" system with another organizer
  • The opportunity to earn $$ while you are in training


Marsha says, "I can teach you how to organize a closet.  But organizing a closet for someone with A.D.D. is  completely different than organizing a closet for someone who is depressed, which is completely different than organizing a closet for someone who is downsizing, which is completely different than organizing a closet for someone who is a shopaholic.  It's not about the closet, it's about the client.  You have to be able to work with different people in different situations.  Organizing is never about the "stuff."  It's always about the person."


Let me tell you about Marsha's clients Laura and Susan.  Laura and Susan were long time housemates.  They lived together in an old two-story brownstone in the middle of the city. Laura's office was a disaster.  Papers all over the floor, files out on the desk, "stuff" was everywhere. Susan wanted to help, but she had no skill in organizing, so this went on for years.  When Susan called me in to work with Laura as a birthday gift, I suggested that she and Laura consider taking the certification class, and learn to do the organizing together. They did.


During certification their project was Laura's office and the linen closet.  They were excited when they accomplished it, and wanted more!  The course allowed them to learn techniques for organizing every room in their home.  Neighbors noticed and started asking them for help in their own homes.  Today Laura and Susan are successful professional organizers, and they work together in their nearby Century Village neighborhood.


If you want to learn to get organized; if you want to make money helping others get organized...  hit reply and let me know.


I'm creating a list of interested people.  If enough people are interested, we will launch the program in early fall.


Thank you,


Marsha Sims

Sort-It-Out, Inc.