Struggling financially but still need to get organized??

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of the feedback that many of you have been sharing with me and quite frankly I am moved by what you are baring in this most critical time.

Could $2000 make a difference in your life today?

I have heard how some of you just can't get organized... no matter how hard you try, even though it's become a necessity right now.  Others of you have expressed interest in learning this invaluable skill for your own peace of mind. I do offer higher-end group coaching and private classes, and those who attend report raving results, but the vast majority simply cannot afford those classes at $259 per month.  I understand.

I have been, as usual, racking my brain, attempting to figure out the best way for me to solve everyone's issues so that we can all lead the organized, prosperous and abundant lives we are really meant to have.

So here is what I have come up with:

I am considering re-launching my $27 per month, one-year course that combines three of my best courses and gives one module of organizing training per month. The year of training will include the most advanced strategies available on getting organized.

Imagine one year from now being completely organized and gaining an extra $2,000. from saving the excess fees, etc. typically caused by being disorganized!

This would give those serious about getting organized a chance to do so without money being an impediment.

But here is the catch. (I know you were waiting for it).  I can only do this if enough people want to do it. It becomes too much of a burden on my time if only five or six people are committed.

So I am asking first, are you interested in such a program? 

If I get more than a handful of responses it would be worth it to execute, and I can help a lot of people get organized in this really tough economic climate. That would give me great satisfaction.

In a few days, after counting the responses to this email I will announce if we will be launching the program or not.

If you are interested just click this link to let me know you are ready!

It takes 2 seconds, so do it and in a few days, I will let you know the verdict.