The Complete SOS Program Includes...

The Sort–It-Out (Simple Organizing Solutions) Subscription program


the S.O.S. Program for short.

The SOS Subscription Program is a twelve-month course that synthesizes three of Marsha Sims' top classes into a Masters level organizing curriculum.

The complete program includes:

Part I

  • The best way to control , contain and conquer the clutter in your world
  • How to create the organized home and office you have always wanted
  • How to make the changes required to eliminate clutter
  • The way to create a happier workplace and home for yourself and those around you
  • Great clutter clearing techniques proven to work

Part II

  • Learn to avoid frustration and feel energized when working on eliminating your paper piles
  • What to keep and what to throw away

  • How to find it once you've filed it

  • Three techniques for getting started in a way that empowers you

  • Effortless strategies that make papers practically file themselves

  • Where each paper should go

  • and of course... what to do with every piece of paper!

Part III

  • "Where does everything go?" Learn how to always know the answer

  • Get up the courage to open the boxes... every day...until they are all empty

  • "How long will it take?" A quick way to know what's in store

  • Easy ways to get over your own resistance to starting

  • Little tricks to keep you going even when you want to stop

  • Learn to free yourself from the fear of what's in the boxes

There you have it, your one year curriculum. In one year you will simply have the best arsenal for defeating chaos and disorganization in your life. You will become a completely different person and everyone will know it.

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